Academic & Athletic Preparation


Strategic Athletic & Academic Preparation

At Student Athlete Journey, we specialize in guiding student-athletes through the critical process of preparing for college-level athletics and academics in the United States. Understanding the complexities of this transition, we offer specialized services designed to position young athletes for success, both in their sport and in the classroom. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of preparation is covered, from academic readiness to athletic profiling.

Our services include the conversion of high school grades to the U.S. GPA format, SAT preparation guidance, English Proficiency Exams Prep Guidance, Athletic profile preparation, and strategic planning for college applications. We're here to help you navigate the requirements and expectations of U.S. college admissions, ensuring you're fully prepared to showcase your talents and academic abilities.

Comprehensive Preparation for Student Athletes
  • Conversion of High School Grades to GPA Format
  • SAT Preparation Guidance
  • English Proficiency Exams Prep Guidance
  • Athletic Profile Preparation Guidance
  • Strategic Planning for College Applications